About Blowtooth


Blowtooth is currently only available for the Android platform. While technically it will work on a range of devices, it does require Bluetooth, and a location-sensing capability (i.e. 3G, GPS or Wifi). Internet connectivity is optional, but fun since it allows you to join the global smuggling operation, and pick up contraband left by other smugglers.

Please note that Blowtooth is experimental software, developed as part of a small scale, unfunded, academic research project. We have tried our best to eliminate all bugs in the software, but the odd one may have creeped through (especially considering the non-standard use of the Bluetooth hardware), and it may not work on *every* device. As such, use is entirely at your own risk. You can always send bug reports to Dr Ben Kirman, and we'll see what we can do to fix them.

Click here download the Blowtooth APK. You will need to enable unknown sources (In Android Settings -> Security) to install the game.

iPhone Users

Sorry, iPhone users! Although we would love to get Blowtooth working on the iPhone, Apple don't permit applications to access the Bluetooth capabilities of the device. Therefore Blowtooth is impossible to implement for this platform :(